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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Go out on a date - Valentine's Day Gifts and Ideas

Maybe it's just me but the art of going out on a date seems to have gone a bit by the wayside. One of the simplest but greatest things you can do is just take a girl out for a really nice dinner at a great restaurant.

When my partner and I first started seeing each other I took her out on a date to a little French restaurant. It was in a little back alley that I used to walk through on my way to work every day and it had all the trappings of provincial French style. The night was great and we now always remember that night, even referring to it as "date night."

If you don't know each other too well just yet maybe try and think of a few conversation topics before you go and hey a nice bottle of wine always help the conversation flow a little more freely.

If you think the restaurant has the right charm don't tell her where you're going, let it be a surprise.

1 month 4 days until Valentine's Day!


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