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Sunday, December 04, 2005

What not to do: Exhibit A

So this site is normally about what to do, but when I stumbled across this example of horrendous stupidity I just had to pass it on as a what not to do.

A friend of mine began dating again having separated from her husband. After a promising start with a 30-something corporate flunkie type she decided to end it because he just drank too much for her liking (an understanding "deal-breaker", I think). The morning after, he emailed her with his bank account details and told her to wire money into it as payment for the bottle of vodka he'd left at her place (half of which he'd consumed the night before) and for the unopened 6-pack of condoms he'd also left behind. OK I've never dated much, but is that what's out there?? I shed a tear.

Courtesy of Ms Hairy Legs.


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