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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Impress her, provide dinner without using the phone

An important skill for any guy out there who'd like to make a good impression is the ability to throw together at least a couple of decent meals.

I found this recipe for Oven-baked chicken schnitzels with spicy wedges which is reasonably simple and can even be cheated on a little.

So here are my cheating tips:
  • Ditch the combination of cayenne pepper and paprika, just buy cajun spice mix
  • A really simple green side would be to just steam a bit of baby bok choy. If you want to be extra impressive check out this site for some bok choy know-how.
It's even pretty lean so that will get you some credit. I'm going extra slack tonight and rather than making this one as a schnitzel just using a bit of pre-prepared (by my good friends at Masterfood, not me) Portugeuse Chicken spice.

Good luck!


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