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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Great tip for dating girls from She Knows Best

So simple, but so good.

Quick dating tip: always let her have the last biteā€¦

The last scoop of ice cream.
The last piece of chocolate.
The cherry on the sundae.
The last glass of wine.
The last handful of popcorn.

Small gesture. Big rewards.

A great tip for all blokes from She Knows Best.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

All you need to know about proper tie length

She Knows Best provides the most essential piece of knowledge:
The proper length for a tie is for the tip of the wide end to touch the top of your belt.

But if you want even more, check out the full post on tie length.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Tell your girl why you love her for Valentine's Day

You should get your girl a card for Valentine's Day. That's a given. But to make it extra special you need to put in a little more effort than just "Dear ___, Happy Valentine's Day, Love Schmuck Boyfriend."

Writing a great card isn't difficult. You've got 3 or so weeks before Valentine's Day, so every now and again, write down why it is that you love/like/lust your girl. You should by Feb 14 have a decent list to work with and you can then compose your card. Even if it's just a list it will beat the average V-day card hands down. If you're extra creative you could even do something like turn your list into a limerick, there are plenty of opportunities.

So don't be a schmuck, give a great card!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Got a question?

Need a little help? The solution is easy, send me an email!

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Start a tradition - more ideas for Valentine's Day

Did you come up with a really good idea last year for Valentine's Day? Or maybe of course you're using one of my ideas to kick it off this year.

Have you thought of turning it into a Valentine's Day tradition? Sure, there won't be so much of a surprise with a tradition but the anticipation can more than make up for this. You could turn just about anything into a tradition, for something really simple maybe you could just have some sort of theme in the cards you get her? (Hint: love hearts does not count as a theme for V-day.)

Make up a special recipe for V-day breakfast and cook it each year, if you're creative enough write a poem each year, the possibilities are endless.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Go out on a date - Valentine's Day Gifts and Ideas

Maybe it's just me but the art of going out on a date seems to have gone a bit by the wayside. One of the simplest but greatest things you can do is just take a girl out for a really nice dinner at a great restaurant.

When my partner and I first started seeing each other I took her out on a date to a little French restaurant. It was in a little back alley that I used to walk through on my way to work every day and it had all the trappings of provincial French style. The night was great and we now always remember that night, even referring to it as "date night."

If you don't know each other too well just yet maybe try and think of a few conversation topics before you go and hey a nice bottle of wine always help the conversation flow a little more freely.

If you think the restaurant has the right charm don't tell her where you're going, let it be a surprise.

1 month 4 days until Valentine's Day!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Valentine's day is coming

Maybe I'm a little ahead of time here, but you'd be surprised how quickly five weeks can fly by and then you're left with no ideas and no time!

We'll see if I can't throw out a few ideas along the way so that we're all safe and sound come February 14.

Friday, December 16, 2005

The free gift that's absolutely priceless

This gift costs you absolutely nada, yet the result is priceless.

Print as many (or as few) of these as you'd like, wrap them up with something else, put them in a card, anything.

The recipient gets to use them when she chooses with no complaints from you. She will love this both when she gets them and when she uses them.

For added effect include in the gift a nice bottle of massage oil or some soothing music. There really is no excuse not to include this in a Christmas, birthday or Valentine's Day gift.

Monday, December 12, 2005

interpretation exercise #1

The key to getting a hold on how to understand women? It's a pretty obscure tactic sometimes referred to as 'listening.'

One thing the blogosphere offers up is plenty of thoughts in an environment where people sometimes feel safe to say what they wouldn't otherwise for hundreds of strangers to read.

South Side Elaine shares some insight in to herself as inspired by rice paddies somewhere in India, check it out for yourself and kudos to Elaine for letting us look in the window for a little bit :)

Saturday, December 10, 2005

be nice to her cat

I'm a cat lover anyway, perhaps this is why I can see how blatantly stupid some guys are when it comes to cats.

So maybe you don't like cats, but if the girl that you're interested in has one, she probably does. In this case the fastest way to make her not like you is going to be making comments about how much you dislike cats.

Nobody is asking you to be Fluffy's best friend, just can the overplayed dislike for her.

Besides, you might even learn something from her cat. They're fickle creatures who don't normally give up their affection to just anybody. If you can earn her cat's affection you might just be a step closer with the girl you like.